A story behind JaggyCrafts

Hey there! It’s Munie here. I’m the name + face behind the JaggyCrafts 🙂 I’m also a girl from a small city known as Kota Bharu, Kelantan, but now spending my adulthood in the city center of Malaysia. I am the happiest mom to 2 boys + 2 girls (one big family, I know — and we never get to take a proper family photo — here’s the decent one, I guess? #bigfamilysyndrome).

I started JaggyCrafts back in 2014 as a way to explore embroidery possibilities with my newborn baby girl. Embroidered rompers and other personalised items will cost so much to me at that time. I decided to give a go on exploring my small 2 in 1 sewing + embroidery Brother machine. Then I realized that many of the designs did not fulfil my way. It’s either I want something like this design, but with fewer details; or I want this simple design with additional delicate details. Then I started to figure out how to create one myself. Being a techy person, I spent many nights to explore (we call it godek-godek) the digitizing software, creating my very first few designs. Then, a thought came: “Why not I share these designs in Etsy? There might be someone or many who have similar tastes with me.”. And the sharing thought has become a happy and soothing business since then 🙂

Because of that, JaggyCrafts will always provide beautiful designs for you, something that is not too elaborate, not too simple, but definitely with certain details that you will keep on using them again and again (like this floral wreath).

Thank you for supporting my small business

Get your beautiful collection of floral wreaths, vintage frames, split monograms and many other designs with high-quality stitches.  Sound like a cause you can get behind? I would love to send you some ! 🙂

​– xoxo, Dr. Munie (jaggycrafts.etsy.com)